Tuesday, July 14, 2009

La Caille Bridal Show

Thanks to everyone who came out in spite of the sketchy weather. What a great show with a lot of talented vendors and great food. La Caille is an amazing place and if your budget allows look into them for your wedding venue.

Many times "Daddy" has to work and often my kids don't have any idea of what I do. Cindy gathered the chillens and brought them down to the show to check it out. Of course I was really busy chatting with brides about their most important day so I couldn't spend much time with the family. My great wife gave the kids a mini tour of the La Caille grounds including the peacocks, geese and chickens. Apparently one of the chickens thought it would be fun to chase my 6 year old daughter for a minute. It was the highlight of her day.

I premiered the Photo Book by Digital Foci and it was a big hit. It was fun to have people gather around ooing and ahhing including a few "how cool is that?" The Photo Book is the next album of choice for photographers and brides. Photographers can use it as a portable portfolio and brides will totally dig showing off their wedding photos with the bright 8" screen. The most impressive aspect of the book is how well it is designed. It feels great to hold and I'm proud to offer it to my customers.

Here is a quick shot before the crowds engulfed us.

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