Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nathan Kasparian

I'm jumping up and down that I finally figured out how to get my music to play on the website. Yes you can turn it off if you'd like...
However, you'd be missing out on a fantastic new artist and local hero Nathan Kasparian.
I photographed him playing a Fazioli for his latest album. We were shooting at an amazing Gallery called Baldissan Pianos here in Salt Lake. The owner told me that this model runs $25,000 per foot. It is a 7 foot piano! I was moved to tears but not because of the price. Nathan was playing the first song on the CD called "Catch Me If You Can" It is a haunting tune and I will never tire of it.
Nathan is truly amazing and it shows. He practices about 6 hours a day even while he is studying at Utah State University. Listen to his music and remember that with practice and a bit of talent we can achieve great things. By the way, Nathan is only 19.


  1. That sounds terrific, and I love piano music, especially from the locals (there's so much talent in the area), and a Fazioli -- I'm officially jealous.
    Beautiful images by the way.

  2. Chesney loved listening to this with me! He sounds amazing!!! BTW - Loving the new site, but still disappointed that the "veil over couple" shot isn't ours... ;)