Friday, January 2, 2009

We take fun seriously!

Christmas brings many traditions. For us it starts Christmas Eve with a party at some friends. Unfortunately we stay until 11pm and suddenly realize that we still have to wrap everything that is hidden.

This year we started something new. Sleep sounded like a good idea so we woke up early Christmas morning and started wrapping. When the kids got up we had them wrap their presents too. Jessica and her new husband arrived about 10 and we had breakfast. We didn't even start presents until 11am. Doing things differently is great fun!

Even with these economic times we had planned in advance. About a year ago Cindy and I found, Dave teaches a class called Financial Peace University. Within 6 months we were out of consumer debt and finally looking forward to our future. The premise of Dave's teaching is to use the envelope system for your money. Using the envelopes as catagories, we have been saving money for Christmas since last January. This leads to a peaceful holiday season because everything is already paid for.

One of my little girl's presents was a box of foam sticky flowers. I became a willing participant in dress up time.

Our son was wowed by his new guitar. He then wowed us with a little ditty.


  1. Great fun!!!!!!
    We're SO glad you told us about Dave Ramsey!!!! It made our Christmas a lot less stressful too!

  2. Skip, I'm so glad I found you! (Ashleigh and Duc Phan) you did our wedding pics in '05 now we are back in Utah two kids later! I would love to do some family pics this spring, I'll be tracking you down:0)